Weeknotes S02E14 — puppy love

Black and white photo with ‘Puppy love’ and a cartoon dog written in black marker on a Post-It note

I’ve missed a couple of weeks but trying to get my head back in the weeknotes game, even if it’s just a short one this time round…

New starters and moves in the delivery team

It’s been great to see two of our fantastic Delivery Managers, Martyn and Kelly, recently secure Senior Delivery Manager roles working with our Help To Claim and Lab teams — I’m really looking forward to working with them in these new roles and seeing them thrive at a senior level. I’ve line managed both of them over my (almost) two years here and I am so chuffed to see them progress!

This has meant we’ve seen Ben and Maja move into Delivery Manager and Junior Delivery Manager roles respectively, working with our amazing Advice Content teams.

We also had a new starter last week, Bobak, who joins us from Public Health England, where one of his most recent pieces of work was leading the delivery of the Official UK Covid-19 dashboard. It’s been lovely having a new starter to onboard and I’m already excited about some of the thoughts, insights and ideas Bobak has been bringing.

And last but not least, I’m thrilled that our Delivery Manager Lauren will be moving into a new Project Manager role, which is newly created and will see her working with a whole range of stakeholders involved in Energy Services to help develop a shared project plan and agree milestones and governance arrangements to ensure we deliver our Energy Advice Strategy.

These moves also mean more recruitment for the team, so watch this space (or my Twitter or LinkedIn) for updates on new roles!

You can read more on the delivery team and our new structure in @Matt’s weeknotes here.

An ace Delivery Lunch

I was going to write about our guest this week but @Martyn Bennett has beaten me to it and done a superb job of covering the session in his first ever weeknotes (yay!), which I recommend you read here.

Launderettes, penknives, creative writing and other stuff…

A photo of the profile of a Yorkipoo puppy lying in long grass

I’ve been puppy sitting this week and took this little scamp (Rocco, 7 months old) along to a park meet-up we organised with South London colleagues on Wednesday in Brockwell Park.

This was a VERY exciting situation for him (Lots of people! A lady dog he didn’t want to leave alone! So much to sniff and see! An opportunity to dig! A chance to eat things he shouldn’t and puke — well, nearly puke…)

Thank you to the group for reassuring me all was well and being so laid back as I panicked and started to question my abilities as a dog mother and maybe one day in the future, adoptive mother, and generally have a bit of a melt-down!

He was so tired after the afternoon’s events, I had to carry him most of the way home in my arms. This also might have been down to the burning hot pavement and his soft puppy paw pads (which I never would have thought about until my girlfriend mentioned it!).

Note to self: get an oversized Louis Vuitton handbag to put him in next time (is that still a thing?)



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